Date: December ’17
Skills: Editorial + Print
Type: University project
Project brief:

Create a concept for a new magazine. It should contain a few covers, a table of contents and some articles typical for the magazine genre.

Please note that the images in the magazine are not mine and are used solely to illustrate the ambience of the magazine, and belong to their respective rights holders. Same goes for the body text that in this setting should be regarded as placeholder text. However, the headings, article introductions and image captions in the magazine are written by me to serve as an example of content.


Current market: cluttered, cramped and somewhat stressful to read.

Being a car geek and frequent reader of car magazines I’ve been frustrated about the content and design of the ones on offer. Since most of them are about current news and test drives of new cars I was craving more in-depth stories on travel, engineering, people and automotive history, with a design to match.


Say hello to clean, airy and calm.

With a new take on the automotive genre the aim of Story is to bring the car magazine to the coffee table. Something to sit down and relax with. And be immersed in captivating stories.


Strikingly modest.

Focusing on one big beautiful photo and subtle mentions of just three stories the cover set the tone for what to come. On the shelves among its competitors who try to communicate everything at once the simplistic and modest cover of Story will in fact be eye-catching.


The magazine is dead! Long live the magazine!

The digital space becoming more and more prevalent there is talk about the death of the printed magazine. I’m not so sure. Story represents what I believe print should be about. Leaving the latest news and informative test drives for the web Story celebrates the analogue. Using more pages per article the content can breathe, giving the photography and text the space it deserves. Printed on heavier uncoated paper it all comes together inducing a feeling of luxury and serenity which is hard to get from the web and indeed from most current car magazines. So rather than being a disposable item Story is, with its less time-dependant content, more of a collectible bookazine.

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