Date: October ’19
Skills: Editorial + Exhibition + Print
Type: Freelance work
Project brief:

For the exhibition LEK!, I was asked to design a few boards and also create a stand-alone publication for the whole exhibition, presenting everything in printed form.

LEK! is Swedish for PLAY! and the exhibition was presented at Form/Design Center in Malmö during the fall of 2019. The exhibition explores the patterns of thinking and professional groups that lie behind the construction of spaces that encourage play in the urban environment. In the new millennium, we are moving towards an ever-smaller area available for play and simultaneously ever-more programmed playgrounds. The exhibition LEK! aims to investigate and illustrate this shift. If you’re curious to learn more about the exhibit, click here.


Design influences over the years.

The timeline explains how the development of society as a whole has affected playground design. Each block of text belongs to one out of six categories. I decided to mark this by colour coding the line next to the text as well as using geometric shapes (which, just as a nice touch, are meant to look like children’s playing blocks). This way, interested in a specific category the visitor can scan the timeline horizontally and quickly find all entries of that category.

Photo: Daniel Engvall
Photo: Daniel Engvall

Children’s freedom of movement in cities.

Based on an analysis by British children’s rights activist Tim Gill the circles represent the radius around their home where children can move safely by themselves, the data being adapted to a local context. I decided to design a stylised map of Malmö that blended well with the colours and style of the exhibition as a whole.


A stand-alone publication.

Since the exhibition was such a success it was decided to publish all of the texts, images and graphics. The publication needed to echo the style of the exhibition but everything of course adapted to a whole different physical format.

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