Another Next

Date: December ’17
Skills: Branding + Copywriting + Print + Web
Type: In-house work
Project brief:

Another Next is a Swedish notebook company. Before the launch of a new collection I was tasked with creating promotional material, revamp the existing website and exisiting copy.

The copy was created by Kolossal in Lund, Sweden, and in some cases revised by us at Another Next. The photos were commissioned to several photographers around the world.


The starting point.

An improved notebook and eight vibrant new colours was the start of a company rebirth. Together with revised copywriting and new photography this was the time to change not only the look of Another Next but their whole approach to the end-user. Focusing on the moment when ideas are sparked and the notebook being the companion needed to harvest those ideas Another Next aimed to change the perception of them being a stationery brand to a lifestyle brand. It was my job to communicate this new approach.


Inspirational rather than descriptive.

The product catalogue puts all the copy, imagery and products together in one appealing package. Crafted more as an intriguing lookbook than just a declarative collection of the company’s products it aims to convey this new approach. The notebooks were sent out to influencers around the world to be photographed and then displayed in the lookbook together with their instagram handles.


The nitty-gritty stuff.

As opposed to the lookbook this presentation folder is more aimed at investors. A handy package presenting the company’s products, marketing strategy and retail approach. The folder also show the new colour scheme I introduced. The new collection’s broad range of colours clashed with the previous brand colours so I created a range of four warm grey colours that not only complement the products but also convey a more elegant and exclusive feeling which Another Next wanted.


Celebrating a diverse collection of colours.

Another Next notebooks have always been sold with a removable girdle. For the new collection it was proposed all should have the same one in the original blue colour. However, I thought that didn’t blend well with the new colours of the notebooks so instead I developed these girdles in contrasting colours that makes every flavour original and celebrate the diversity of the new range.


The retail stand as an important brand touchpoint.

One of the other touchpoints the customer has with the brand is the retail stand. Intended to be placed in more fashion oriented stores rather than the conventional stationery store it builds on the new marketing approach. With photography of the notebook in use it intends to inspire the potential customer. The inside of each slot is covered in the contrasting colour of the notebook sleeve and if one of the notebooks run out the backside of that slot again has an image of the notebook in use coloured the same way as the notebook.


Website redesign.

The website, of course, needed a redesign as well. Being designed, built and maintained by a web host my design freedom was limited. However, the website got a cleaner and more airy look, putting more emphasis on the copy and photography. Since I needed to fiddle a lot with the CSS-files it did teach me a lot about the backend of a website.

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